To all staff at Bosence, I’m on an important journey and without you all I would never have had the strength to start. Thank you for all your wisdom and kindness, helping me whenever I needed HELP!! I know you are all angels so carry on doing what you do for all the souls in need. It seems there is light after darkness, I’m off to find out……


To all staff, you are amazing people, I thank each and every one of you for the support, love and care that you’ve given me at my time here this is a very special place with incredible people that I will always treasure. Thank you.


I have found treatment at Bosence a challenging and life changing experience. I have had the opportunity & support to work on myself & discover more about myself. Through the programme and groups I have been taught a number of tools to use in my future life. Both to keep me clean and sober and to be able to live a happier, more balance life.
I have met people who have supported and cared for me and accept me for who I am. I have been listened to and being given excellent feedback and advice to help me grow and develop as a person. I have felt safe and cared for. Bosence is a truly magical place for those who want to recover and are willing to work for it. I will forever be in debt to the people who have helped me during my time here.


Whenever I was in need you carried me through and helped to take away the strain and the pain. You held my hand and guided me through.


Every member of staff is there for your wellbeing and are highly talented. They have seen and heard it all before, so nothing is going to shock them. The staff are exceptional, all you receive from them is kindness from the moment you arrive until you leave.
What amazing people and place to start your road to recovery. I will never forget my time at Bosence. It will stay with me for a lifetime.


One of the main reasons why I choose Bosence, is because I wanted to come somewhere where I could get away from things. At Bosence, I feel completely removed from temptation, it is the perfect environment for me to be able to focus on my treatment and concentrate on getting well. I’ve really enjoyed the guided nature walks around the nature trail, where I have been able to take part in wildlife surveys, to identify a range of species. In the mornings I’ll often take a walk around the grounds, just to admire the scenery and breathe in the country air”. Bosence has so much to offer, and I’ve learnt so much. I’ve been given responsibility to look after the greenhouses, which I really appreciate as it’s my way of giving back and contributing to the day to day running of Bosence.

Nick, from London

The Ecotherapy project at Bosence has provided me with a number of new experiences and opportunities. In the last few weeks I’ve acquired the skills to identify a variety of the different types of herbs. Through education sessions, I’ve also gained knowledge on how to combine, prepare and cook different types of tea. Since the start of my treatment, I’ve regularly been involved with the planting and harvesting of fruit and vegetables. In particular, I’ve enjoyed taking part in ‘Vegan Friday’, where I have learnt new recipes, and prepared several dishes using only the produce grown onsite. When I complete treatment, I will definitely continue to cook these recipes as regularly as I can

Holly, from Cornwall


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