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Those who develop an addiction often feel in control during the early stages of their use.

Addiction is a disease which causes changes in the brain, it can happen to anyone, anywhere at any time. It affects those from all walks of life.

In those struggling with an addiction, dopamine receptors activate and tell the brain that the substance being used is a reward. Over time, the brain changes and adapts as it becomes increasingly dependent on the substance being used, whether it be drugs, alcohol or both.

Due to such significant alterations in the brain, addiction is considered a disease. As the addiction develops, it can become so powerful that it is extremely difficult for the individual effected to control their use, even when there are detrimental physical, emotional and financial consequences associated with it.

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Addiction is an illness

At Bosence, we recognise that addiction is an illness and not a lifestyle choice. Just like a physical illness, it requires treatment to get better. While there are indeed many misconceptions surrounding addiction, there is absolutely nothing wrong with seeking help.

If you have found yourself reading this information, it may be the case that you too are struggling with an addiction. Recognising that you have a problem with drugs or alcohol takes a lot of courage – as does making the decision that you want to change this.

  • If you are struggling with addiction it is highly likely that you’re experiencing intense cravings. Cravings are an intense and overwhelming urge to use which can occur several times a day. The urge to use is so powerful it becomes prioritised over everything else. This can cause problems with daily life and result in other responsibilities and commitments becoming neglected.
  • With continued use of drug and/or alcohol, a tolerance develops. If you have developed a tolerance, you will have noticed that you need to increase the amount you are consuming for it to have the same effect. Over time you may become physically dependent, and although you may have attempted to cut down or stop on several occasions, the desire to use may be too strong. You may experience withdrawal symptoms.
  • It may be the case that you are experiencing financial, work, accommodation, family and relationship problems. Substance misuse can have a dramatic effect on your behaviour and you may find it very difficult to concentrate or think clearly.  You may also find it very difficult to think about anything else other than fulfilling your craving to use, which means your time and money is spent obtaining the substance you require.
  • Addiction may have caused you to do things that you would otherwise never do. If your substance abuse has progressed to the point where you’re constantly preoccupied, then it is likely you will have made decisions you have later regretted. Individuals struggling with addiction are more likely to have participated in irresponsible behaviours such as stealing and lying, even from loved ones so they can buy drugs and alcohol.
  • Depression and anxiety are the two most common co-occurring conditions associated with addiction. It may the case that you are seeing your life fall apart and are overwhelmed with feelings of hopelessness and helplessness.

Overcome addiction

At Bosence we have provided drug and alcohol treatment to thousands of individuals who have been able to successfully overcome addiction and gone on to lead happy and fulfilling lives.

Our unique location offers the perfect environment where you can concentrate on getting well free from distraction. There are many reasons to choose Bosence, we offer a broad range of varied opportunities. Our Counsellors are trained and experienced in working with individuals with a diverse range of life experiences and can meet the individual needs of each of those we provide treatment to.


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