our expertise in addiction


Working with drug and alcohol addiction.

Our highly experienced team of professionals have a proven track record of achieving excellent outcomes for our clients.

We deliver a daily treatment programme at each of our services which includes: Individual key working sessions, group therapy, assignments and workshops, along with 24hr on-site Nursing support. We provide treatment to clients with both drug and alcohol addiction.

We have an experienced medical lead and two experienced Doctors, one a GP with special interest in substance use and one a Psychiatrist employed by ‘We are with you’ who are subcontracted to provide medical assessment on admission and advise clients throughout their detox experience. They are on shift Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

We are able to meet the needs of most clients with a dual diagnosis. At Bosence we recognise that clients with a dual diagnosis require tailor-made care from assessment to treatment completion. We see the individual’s assessment as paramount to ensuring that the client receives the right treatment.

experts in drug and alcohol addiction

In some cases people accessing treatment at Bosence have on-going illnesses or conditions that may or may not be directly associated with their addiction, and require on-going treatment. As well as being trained to manage a wide range of medical emergencies in line with our established protocols, the nursing staff can:

  • offer BBV testing and vaccination
  • treat abscesses and leg ulcers commonly associated with IV use of illicit substances, with the assistance of Primary care.
  • support clients with insulin dependent diabetes

We also have established links with a range of local health service provision, able to offer further support and guidance including DVT’s, tissue viability and diabetes.

Psychotropic medication of a non-addictive nature including depot injections are not a bar to admission. Medication is reviewed following admission, reflecting the differing needs of the client undergoing detoxification. We access and treat any co-morbid psychiatric disorders following the most up-to-date national guidance.

Overarching Support

In terms of a client’s Physical Health, we have strong links with the local Acute Hospital. We have devised a pathway to allow Alcohol service users to be fast tracked to us via the Wards at the hospital. Once the service user has been stabilised and deemed medically fit they would return to us to complete their treatment journey.

In terms of Mental Health, if a service user is known to have Mental Health issues prior to admission we would contact the local Community Mental Health Team to advise them of the pending admission. They would then, once the service user has detoxed come to see them to assess the for any mental health needs that may have arisen post detox.

We have established links with several local organisations which enable us to provide our clients with a number of opportunities to gain new skills and interests, as well as to access training and educational opportunities. We offer support to attend community recovery groups including: NA/AA, and SMART Recovery.


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