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Lynher Dairies Cheese Donation

03 September 2021

On behalf of all staff and clients, Bosence Farm would like to extend their deepest thanks to Lynher Dairies for a recent donation of their award-winning cheese. We are extremely grateful to have received a very generous quantity of both Cornish Yarg and Cornish Wild Garlic Yarg.

Yarg owes its name to a moment of inspiration. It was first produced in the 1980’s after Bodmin farmer Alan Gray came across a 17th century recipe in his attic. If you spell Gray backwards, you have the answer to how Yarg became named. Lynher diaries is now owned by Catherine mead and has been based at a state-of-the-art diary near Truro since 2006.

Both Cornish Yarg and Cornish Wild Garlic Yarg are made from creamy grass-rich milk sourced from local farms. After a series of intricate processes, the cheeses are eventually wrapped in either nettle foraged from Cornish Hedgerows for Cornish Yarg, or the aromatic wild garlic leaves that arrive in the Cornish woodlands each spring, for Cornish Wild Garlic Yarg. Although both Yargs are made in exactly the same way, there’s a striking difference in both taste and texture which all comes down to nature.

Our catering teams already have several recipes planned to make use of the cheese, which include several recommendations from Lynher Diaries website such as; ‘Yarg and Pumpkin Soup’ and ‘Yarg Stuffed Flatbread’. Our on-site Horticulture Project, now in operation since May 2019 is currently producing an ever-increasing range of fresh organic produce to compliment the daily meals prepared for our clients. Over the coming weeks and months there are a number of exciting plans to build upon and develop the range of opportunities available to clients through this fantastic project, so please watch this space!


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