Detoxification & Stabilisation


Medically managed care

The Bosence Detoxification & Stabilisation facility offers purpose built, modern, spacious and comfortable accommodation of an exceptionally high standard.

It is a very safe, welcoming and supportive place to stay, with a varied range of treatment options. You can expect to complete the treatment programme having developed the skills to maintain your recovery, whether you are moving on to a long term residential programme or returning home.

Bosence Detoxification & Stabilisation works in an eclectic fashion and does not align with a specific ideology, preferring to work with residents on an individual needs basis.

The accommodation is single en-suite throughout, meaning that at all times you will have your own space to relax and reflect. We are able to offer disability accessible accommodation where required.

Bosence detox and stabilisation centre

Whilst the thought of detoxification is understandably daunting, we have a specialist on-site medical team that includes 24/7 nursing support to ensure that you’re as comfortable as possible during the detox process. The service is also staffed by a 24/7 support working team which means that there is always someone available to talk to and reassure you.

On arrival you will be met by a member of staff who will introduce you to the medical team. Having undertaken the admissions process you will be given a tour, have the opportunity to meet other members of staff and will be introduced to your buddy. Your buddy will be a senior peer who will help you settle in during your first few days.

You will have an assigned key worker who will support you with treatment planning during your stay, whilst helping you build motivation and confidence. In addition to the structured programme of groups you will also have access to activities which:

  • Help you manage stress, anxiety and anger.
  • Support you in completing your detox, such as complimentary therapies and mindfulness sessions.
  • Help you to take care of yourself including: BBV awareness, managing health issues and nutritional sessions.
  • Develop your relapse prevention skills including the option to attend AA/NA/CA and SMART Recovery, faith and community based meetings.
  • Can help you with budgeting and finance issues.

You will have time to relax through a variety of social activities available including: gardening, table tennis, arts & crafts groups, the use of exercise equipment as well as a range of evening activities such as quizzes, movie nights and staff led outside activities.

You can download and view a copy of the programme timetable by clicking here: Bosence Detoxification & Stabilisation Timetable 2023 

Useful Information:

  • Family and friends should be able to visit after the first week however this needs to be agreed with the team and care manager. Special arrangements can be made where young children are involved.
  • A twice weekly shopping facility is provided during detox/stabilisation.
  • We operate a non-smoking policy, but there are designated outside smoking areas. We also offer smoking cessation support if requested.
  • Doctor and dentist appointments can be made through staff.
  • The use of mobile phones is not permitted however, there are two payphones you may use.

Take a 3D virtual tour of the Bosence Detoxification & Stabilisation facility.


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