Residential Rehab in Cornwall

The Bosence Rehabilitation programme offers a 12 step, total abstinence approach to recovery. It is suitable for you if you have completed drug or alcohol detoxification and are seeking to access longer term treatment.

If you do not require detoxification or stabilisation, you may begin your treatment journey at Bosence Rehabilitation.

We are able to offer a residential rehabilitation programme for a period of between 4-24 weeks, depending on your individual requirements.

The Bosence rehabilitation facility offers single room, converted farmhouse accommodation in a safe, stable and tranquil setting. There are extensive grounds, gardens and woodland and a dedicated horticulture project that will provide you with a variety of opportunities to gain new skills and engage in practical activities.

On arrival you will be met by a member of staff and allocated a buddy, who will show you around the house and introduce you to staff members and residents. You will also meet with your focal keyworker, and a member of staff will go through admission paperwork, house rules and expectations.

residential rehab in cornwall

A variety of groups and workshops take place on a daily basis. You will have individual sessions with your keyworker who will provide you with support for the duration of your treatment and help you to develop your treatment plan. Bosence Rehabilitation is a place where you can build the confidence and motivation to deal with your own particular problems. The atmosphere is friendly and warm and residents are urged to support and respect each other.

We have well established relationships with several local organisations offering a range of services such as volunteering, training and education and progress to employment. You can expect to leave Bosence Rehabilitation with the practical skills and strategies to support you in returning to the community and maintaining your long term recovery.

You can download and view a copy of the programme timetable by clicking here: Bosence Rehabilitation Timetable 2023

Useful Information:

  • Family and friends should be able to visit after the first week however this needs to be agreed with the team and care manager. Special arrangements can be made where young children are involved.
  • A weekly shopping facility is provided during detox/stabilisation.
  • Bosence Rehabilitation operates a non-smoking policy, but has designated outside smoking areas. We also offer smoking cessation support if requested.
  • The use of mobile phones is not permitted however, there are two payphones you may use.

Take a 3D virtual tour of the Bosence Rehabilitation facility.


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