Supported Housing & Resettlement


Help finding move-on accommodation

We have good working relationships with several local housing providers.

We are able to provide support and advice to help you find the most suitable accommodation, if you are considering relocating to Cornwall. We can also provide you with assistance with any other benefits or housing related matters.

Please however note, we cannot guarantee a relocation package and do not operate our own organisational supported housing provision. While many individuals have been successful in securing supported accommodation in the Cornwall area, private rented accommodation may be a more secure option, particularly for those who are able to provide rent in advance.

Supported Housing & Resettlement

If you are considering relocation, it is important that the team are made aware of this at the earliest possible stage. Ideally during or before your assessment. Post treatment supported housing and resettlement is only available to clients who have completed 6 months of residential treatment.


Confidential, professional advice for you or someone you know.