Karon Clark

Karon considers herself fortunate to have worked in many different and varied organisations both as an employee and in a self-employed basis with all sectors including public, military, private business, voluntary and community.
Originally trained as a Registered Nurse, she has experience as a therapist specialising in substance misuse and service delivery. It is a source of pride to Karon that, just over 15 years ago, she initiated, co-developed and co-facilitated the first formal post-detox programme for alcohol in the county when the in-patient provision was at RCHT with a very limited number of beds and the only other residential setting for drug detox was a psychiatric unit.
Karon is passionate about finding ways to create, develop and enhance connections through meaningful relationships and sees the work at Bosence Community as a great example of what caring, nurturing healthy relationships can bring to change the lives of people moving on from dependency and co-dependency on any one and anything.
Today she is involved in values-based culture change working with individuals and organisations in identifying those business behaviours that enhance or conversely hold an organisation back from success. As an executive coach she works with leaders and teams to effect sustained change at all levels from the inside, being part of the system to find solutions, rather than being on the outside looking in. Karon has also had the privilege of developing new coaches to postgraduate level and supporting them as they develop and grow their skills and their practice.


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