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New Volunteer Development Scheme

22 August 2014

Volunteer Scheme – introducing Dilys Down

We have long been keen to offer a programme of volunteer work, covering a wide variety of skills and areas including recovery peer mentors and volunteers to help in the operation of the services that will jointly benefit our aims and, more importantly, the long-term recovery and self-esteem of our service users. To this end, we have now agreed funding for a 6 month placement for a graduate to lead on the development of a volunteer scheme.The objective of this is to ensure that there will be a structured project, with secure funding and relevant procedures in place by the end of the placement so that the role could be then put in place and work can start.

During this first 6 month period, we are working with Unlocking Potential – a graduate level placement jobs scheme which works with businesses to recruit and support ongoing business development through the placement of a graduate.  With their help, we have recruited the splendid Dilys Down, who has a huge amount of experience in this area.  In her own words: 

I am the newly appointed Volunteer Scheme Development Worker at Bosence Farm Community Ltd.  My main role is to develop a volunteer scheme at Bosence and Boswyns.  This scheme aims to i) recruit volunteers from the wider community to provide social and recovery support for our clients to overcome their drug and/or alcohol addiction and ii) engage and empower our clients to develop their confidence and skills through volunteering. 

 I will be conducting need assessments with key stakeholders including staff and clients at Bosence and Boswyns to find out their ideas in order to draw up a project proposal and funding plan.  If you would like to be involved in our project as volunteers or your organisation could offer volunteering opportunities to our clients, please contact me on  or 01736 850006.”


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